Fluidity exhibition at Crate Brewery, London, UK

Exhibition Zentangle

This exhibition is one of the art projects that I'm most proud of. After spending a good amount of time making digital art, I felt like I needed to reconnect with pen and paper and I couldn't be happier with the result. I created 11 pieces in total: 10 A2 size sheets of black paper with white ink and one big wood board (112.5 x 69cm) that I found in the street, picked it up e restored.

The exhibition happened in September 2019, but I knew about it since June, so I had 3 months to create all the artworks. Did I use this time to draw everything calmly and with no stress? No. I made1 piece two weeks before the premiere day and the 10 missing pieces in the last 4 days before the big day. To be honest, this is a creative process that I quite enjoy: the adrenaline rush. Doing this, I don't have time to overthink the illustration as I have to start the next one immediately. 

I made everything for myself, not thinking about selling it. Used the zentangle method to draw patterns, repeated lines and geometric forms to create everything. I think every piece has something in common as they all kinda look fluid, hence why I call this art exhibition Fluidity.

Here's the result: 

 Fluidity exhibition

Fluidity exhibition Fluidity exhibitionFluidity exhibition Fluidity exhibitionFluidity exhibition Fluidity exhibitionFludity exhibition Fluidity exhibitionFluidity exhibition

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